Time management for busy women to balance work, family & time for YOU!

Create a calm, organised and fulfilling life as you 

build your business, 

– have quality, fun family time AND 

– carve out guilt-free me time. 

All with a sense of ease and flow.

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Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Each week you tell yourself that if you just keep your head down and plough through the to do list then you’ll finally get caught up.  All life’s day to day stuff will at last be under control.

How’s that working out for you?

I get it.  The idea is that it’ll clear the decks. That it’ll create headspace for the things you’ve been planning to get to ‘tomorrow’.

That it’ll mean next week is definitely THE week where you get to escape the repetitive, mundane routines and actually spend time on your more exciting, longer term ideas.

But… after yet another week with your nose to the grindstone, you look at your list only to find it is still as long as ever with new items being added as quickly as you tick off existing tasks.

The point is life doesn’t ever really calm down.  As soon as one thing starts to settle or fade into normal the a new thing comes along to take it’s place.

If you’re telling yourself that you need to wait until life calms down before you do the things that would make life fun, enjoyable, fulfilling then you’re going to be waiting a long, long time (possibly forever!).

Imagine how it would feel to finish work on time, after spending the day working on YOUR priorities. Kicking back and relaxing, guilt-free for the evening.

I'm Natalie Meyer,
Time Management & Work/Life Balance Coach

I’m a mum of 3, wife, & dog owner. Lover of early morning yoga & dark chocolate. And I run my own business… All in Good Time. 

Just like you, I am balancing lots of different aspects of my life. I know that the juggle is real. 

Confession time… I like planning, spreadsheets and making lists. However I appreciate that not everyone around me shares this enthusiasm. 

But… they will say things like ‘I don’t know how you keep it all together’ or ‘I wish I could be as organised as you’. 

I work with women who are juggling work, family & home. Who on the outside look like they’re doing a pretty decent job of holding it all together. Financial advisers, leadership coaches, headteachers, to name but a few. 

Inside though, they feel like they’re spinning plates and that at any moment one (or more!) of them could wobble and come crashing down. 

Together we streamline their current life. Set them on firm foundations. And then we co-create an action plan that sets out the path for them to step into their bigger vision. To live into their potential. To live a calm, organised and fulfilling life.

Photo of Natalie Meyer

Find out what's possible working with me as your productivity coach...

You know things need to change...

… you’re fed up of feeling life is passing you by; that your dreams are forever on hold

… you’re pee’d off that your plans and priorities get hijacked by others each day

… you’re tired of firefighting rather than feeling in control of where your time and energy go

Imagine how it would feel to...

Finish work on time, after spending the day working on your priorities

Wake up refreshed. Motivated by the solid plan you’ve mapped out for the day ahead. Already confident it’ll all get tick offf. Today!

Have systems and structures… but still be spontaneous.

Fully focus on your big tasks without the niggly voice at the back of your head wondering what you’re falling behind on

Have faith in your plan for the day.  No more repeatedly, reshuffling it all in Google Calendar

Grab your anti-overwhelm daily productivity planner!

Ditch the Overwhelm. Find your Focus. Get Stuff Done.

Ready to shift from busy but nothing to show for it? To productive with progress on your big, meaningful goals? Then you'll love this planner.

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